Tuesday, January 4, 2011

I'M BACK!!!!!

First, I must extend my HUGEST apologies for allowing several months to pass without posting, commenting or challenging.....BUT I am back and you will be challenged.

I hope you all enjoyed a fabulous Christmas holiday and are ready to hit the road running to get ready for being in high school. We have about 2 weeks left with Chemistry and then we start a new topic. We'll be studying "Earth Science" which happens to be my favorite topic!!!!!! Earthquakes, volcanoes, weathering, erosion.....may not sound like fun, but you'll see when we get there. LOTS of labs and lots of high school material, so you'll be good and ready when next year gets here.

Give me your thoughts, let me know what you want to see here and STUDY STUDY STUDY!!!!
Thanks for your patience!