Saturday, January 21, 2012


Log in to glogster and create a "poster" about your Texas ecosystem.  You will need to include the following:
  • The title of your location
  • Climate and weather - what type of weather is this area experiencing THIS WEEK?  On a yearly average, what type of weather do they experience?
  • Geographic description - what does the land in this area look like?  Are there mountains, plateaus, aquifers, etc?
  • Plants and animals unique to the region - include written description of their role as well as pictures of them.
  • Location of this ecosystem - you may tell where it is located either by describing or finding an image that locates it
You have Monday to discuss ideas with your ecosystem partners, and you have Tuesday to create you Glogster. 
YOU MAY NEED TO WORK BEFORE SCHOOL OR FROM HOME - you only have Tuesday with the computers.