Homework / Classwork:

If a student is ABSENT, he or she should see the teacher after returning to school to obtain the missed assignment. This will count for full credit and should be returned to the teacher the NEXT class period or as arranged between student and teacher.

A student turning work in on the assigned day will receive a 100.
If you are late with an assignment, you will have the opportunity to turn it in after the due date.  Depending on the circumstances as well as how late it is returned, points will be taken from the final grade. 

Remember - homework is to practice and reinforce your science skills outside of the classroom.  Even if your work is late and the grade results in a 90 instead of a 100, you and I will better know what areas you are strong in or those where you may need some additional help.  PLEASE still turn work in even if you forget it the day it is requested.

Tests / Projects:

If a student FAILS A TEST with a grade lower than a 75, he or she can retake the exam during the nine weeks in which it was given. Each teacher will set a cut-off for the retake so that grades can be averaged before the district due date.
If a student is ABSENT on the day of a test, he or she has one week after returning to school to arrange for and attend a re-test time. This will count for FULL credit and may not be scheduled during class time, as the teacher will be presenting new material daily. I am available any morning before school or any day after school – please select a time that fits well with your schedule and your makeup work for other classes.

If a student is ABSENT on the day a major project is due:
* it will be due upon his or her return to school if the project was assigned with prior notice to the absence.
* he or she will be given five or more days upon returning, depending on the project, if the absence did not allow adequate notice to complete the project.

When grading projects, the same policies for work turned in on time or after the due date will be the same as with homework (see above).